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Benefits of Weight Training for Osteoporosis

Here are four amazing health benefits that result from safe and consistent weight training with osteoporosis…

Osteoporosis is a common condition that results in weaker, more brittle bones. Over time, the bones of a person with osteoporosis may become increasingly fragile, and even small falls can result in serious injury. Luckily, several measures can be taken to improve the health of your bones with osteoporosis to strengthen them against potential injuries.

One of the best things you can do to improve your bone health with osteoporosis is weight training. Over the course of a few months, you can see impressive balance and flexibility benefits, both of which are essential for managing osteoporosis. However, strength training is not one-size-fits-all, which is why a customizable and supervised approach with OsteoStrong is ideal. 

Here are four amazing health benefits that result from safe and consistent weight training with osteoporosis: 

Manage and Reduce Chronic Pain

Osteoporosis can present many different symptoms, one of which is chronic pain. Although osteoporosis itself may not cause pain for some, the fractures that can result from the condition do. It is important to incorporate weight training to improve muscle and skeletal strength, which will help manage and reduce your chronic pain symptoms.  

Improve Mobility 

It’s not uncommon for those living with osteoporosis to avoid exercise. Over time, this can lead to decreased mobility, causing simple movements, such as walking, to feel challenging and uncomfortable. By incorporating weight lifting into your routine, you’ll be improving your muscle strength and function for more mobility and, in turn, healthier bones.  

Increase Bone Density

Weight training is also beneficial for increasing bone density. The weakening of bones due to osteoporosis is why fractures and breaks are so common, but incorporating a weight training routine with the help of a professional is a natural, effective way to increase bone density. 

Mental Clarity 

It’s no secret that physical exercise has a powerful effect on mental health. Contrary to what people may think, endorphin-inducing exercise isn’t limited to high-impact cardio. A study published in the Sports Medicine journal found that weight training is also linked to improvements in anxiety and depression.  

The benefits of proper weight training for osteoporosis are impressive, but incorporating them safely and effectively requires professional guidance to avoid injury. At OsteoStrong in Mercer Island, we specialize in unique and custom exercise programs to improve bone density and reduce joint and back pain. 

If you have osteoporosis and are interested in improving your bone health in just ten minutes a week, claim your free session with us today! 

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