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Best Exercises to Strengthen Bones Part 2

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that causes your bones to become weak and brittle. The weakened bones are then susceptible to fractures and breaks from a fall and even from mild actions like sneezing or coughing. Common fractures include the hip, wrist, and spine. Typically, a healthy bone has a honeycomb-like structure when observed under a microscope. A bone that is suffering from osteoporosis has a much more hollow structure. Oftentimes osteoporosis is called a “silent disease” because many who develop it don’t find out until they suffer a fall or bone fracture. Although osteoporosis is a chronic condition, a few lifestyle adjustments can help build bone density and prevent future issues. In our previous blog post we outlined a few exercises to help combat osteoporosis. Our experts at Osteostrong have provided a few more effective and fun activities:


While the idea of hiking with osteoporosis may seem a bit daunting and counterintuitive, the outdoor activity can actually be quite safe. A pair of sturdy sneakers or hiking boots and a paved or beginner trail is a great place to start. Dealing with an issue like osteoporosis can most certainly instill fear of a fall or a bone break and deter you from wanting to exercise. However, experts suggest that walking as little as 3 to 5 miles a week can help improve bone health and build bone density.


Although weight bearing activities prove to be the best exercises for osteoporosis, swimming is another exercise that you can add to your regimen to mix things up. Swimming a few laps at your local fitness club or enjoying some time with your family at the lake can be a great way to improve your cardiovascular health in addition to improving bone density. Swimming helps improve osteoporosis by the way of muscle contraction on the skeleton. The tension applied on the muscles and tendons during swimming stimulates the bone to produce more bone tissue.

Aerobic dancing

Those who may not enjoy the outdoors as much will be happy to hear that breaking out a few moves at home may serve a few benefits to their bone density! Dancing is a weight bearing exercise, which is a big thumbs up for those suffering from osteoporosis. It’s safe, low risk, and offers cardiovascular benefits as well. Joining a class can offer a guided aerobic dance routine which can span from 30 minutes to an hour; depending on your needs. 

As you grow older, it is natural to have worries about your health and exercising safely. For those who have already been diagnosed with osteoporosis it may be an even bigger worry. At Osteostrong, our team is committed to helping quell those worries and to improve your overall health starting with the skeletal system. Our experts can help craft a tailored program for you and your specific osteoporosis needs. Join the many other Seattle patients who have seen success in managing their osteoporosis and improving their overall health and wellbeing. Claim your free session at Osteostrong today!


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