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Effective Exercises to Strengthen Wrist Bones Part 2

Here are four safe and effective exercises for osteoporosis that can be completed in the comfort of your home:

Our bodies are made up of hundreds of bones and muscles that support our daily movements, so taking care of them and promptly addressing any discomfort is crucial. However, as we get older, conditions such as osteoporosis can begin to affect certain areas of our bodies and lead to discomfort and increased risk of fractures or breaks. 

One of the most common areas that those with osteoporosis experience discomfort is the wrist. We use our wrists more than we think throughout the day; Doing the dishes, folding laundry, driving, and cooking can all take a toll on your wrists. Our last blog post covered some of our most recommended and effective exercises to strengthen wrist bones. Here are a few more movements to add to your routine for strengthening your wrist bones with osteoporosis: 

Wrist and Finger Pulses: A quick, painless, and effective exercise for your wrist and fingers is to pulse them slowly up and down to complete a few reps. Focus on the movement itself and take note of any discomfort you may have. We recommend starting with just a few reps at a time and working your way up as you build strength. 

Wrist Circles: Similar to the first exercise, do a few wrist circles to improve your range of motion and reduce tension in the wrists. Typing on a computer and texting can contribute to your wrist discomfort, so a few wrist circles throughout the day are ideal. 

Barbell Wrist Exercise: With wrist exercises, be sure not to put too much stress on your bones with added weight. If you want to add a little resistance, you can use a barbell without weights and extend your wrist in an up and down motion. 

Rice Bucket Workout: The rice bucket workout may seem strange at first, but it really does work! Get a large bucket full of uncooked rice and place your hand in it, one at a time. Then, with your hand submerged, make a fist and pull out a handful of the rice, placing it back in the bucket right after. Then with your hand still in the rice, spread your fingers, followed by a fist. Keep repeating the motion in the rice and do a few reps. 
If you notice any wrist discomfort due to osteoporosis, claim your free session today! Our team at OsteoStrong in Mercer Island, Washington, can help evaluate and customize a fitness program to fit your needs. We look forward to seeing you there!