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Home Exercises to Strengthen Bones Part 1

Here are four simple yet effective home workout movements to strengthen your bones…

Many aspects of our lives have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began, one of which is how we exercise. As gyms closed down and stay-at-home orders were put into place, home workouts began to soar in popularity. Now, almost a year into the pandemic, home workouts continue to be a safe, popular, and effective means of staying fit and improving health and wellness. 

There are many gentle, bone-strengthening workout options for osteoporosis that can be done safely in the comfort of your home. As you carefully and consistently complete these movements, you’ll be strengthening your bones and preventing injuries while staying safe at home during these uncertain times. 

Here are four simple yet effective home workout movements to strengthen your bones: 

Standing On One Leg: One of the key components of improving osteoporosis symptoms and preventing injury is ensuring that your balance is good. Loss of balance and coordination can lead to falls, which is especially concerning for those with osteoporosis. To improve your balance, try standing on one leg for a few seconds at a time. Be sure to have a chair or countertop next to you, should your balance weaken at any point. 

Squats: Many people are hesitant to incorporate squats into their exercise routines because of injury risk. However, when done with the proper form and without the addition of weights, squats are a safe and effective weight-bearing exercise to strengthen bones. 

Hip Leg Lifts: Hip leg lifts are a modified version of standing on one leg. These movements involve repetitive motion of the hips to improve balance and strengthen both bone and muscle. To do this movement, grab a chair or stand near a countertop. With your legs shoulder-width apart and your weight on one foot, flex the other foot, lift it outwards off the floor slowly, and then return it to the ground. Repeat this movement roughly 10 times, then alternate to the other foot. 

Foot Stomps: Another great home exercise for strengthening your hip bones is foot stomps. As you hold onto a countertop or chair, raise one foot and lower it to the floor in stomping motion. Try and repeat this movement carefully 4 times per foot. 

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