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Osteoporosis Workout Myths Part 1

In our previous blog, we highlighted some exercises to help people with Osteoporosis. Here are some more recommended types of Strength Training for Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a condition that develops over time when your bone production starts declining and weakens as you age. It can cause broken bones and costly medical bills. The right workout, diet plan, and lifestyle can help treat and offset Osteoporosis. Over time, there are many Osteoporosis workout myths that have been misunderstood. Here are a couple of popular myths that have been debunked or clarified.

Avoid Working Out

People with an Osteoporosis diagnosis are often hesitant to perform any activity that may lead to broken bones. The idea of a good diet plan and supplementing with the right minerals and vitamins were thought to be enough to combat Osteoporosis. On the contrary, exercise is also required. The right exercises, and performing them properly, can be very effective in strengthening and increasing your bone density. Pairing this with a solid diet and supplementation plan can often yield faster results.

Low Impact Exercises Are Best for Osteoporosis

Low impact exercise like walking, swimming, and biking seem like the best types of workouts when dealing with Osteoporosis. Most people believe this to be true since these types of exercise don’t apply a lot of force and tension to your bones. However, this will ultimately depend on each individual and the level of difficulty to perform the exercises. It will also depend what stage they’re at with their Osteoporosis. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, there have been many studies proving workouts that apply more force than what the individual can normally handle have shown more progress compared to low impact exercises. This means that gradually pushing your body to handle more load will ensure strength and bone density growth. For some people it may start with low impact exercise and for some it may be weight-bearing exercises.  

Determining the right workout can vary from person to person. Here at OsteoStrong, we can tailor and customize the right workout plan to help you get stronger and increase your bone density. We work with patients in Seattle, Mercer Island, and surrounding areas. 
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