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Top Benefits of Exercise to Strengthen Wrist Bones

Here are four amazing health benefits that result from safe and consistent weight training with osteoporosis…

We use many different joint and bone movements to complete everyday tasks such as walking, eating, and talking. However, one of the most utilized (and less recognized) parts of our bodies is our wrists. Repetitive daily motions can take a toll on the wrist bones, especially for those with osteoporosis or wrist-related injuries. Thankfully, a few simple exercises can strengthen wrist bones and prevent injuries in the future. Here are a few of the top benefits that an exercise routine to strengthen wrist bones has to offer: 

Improve Blood Circulation for Pain and Stiffness: If you struggle with stiffness and pain in your wrist or fingers, poor blood circulation may be to blame. It is essential to ensure that an adequate blood supply circulates throughout your wrist and hands to ease pain and stiffness and increase flexibility. Taking just a few minutes per day to stretch your wrists will improve your mobility and soothe any discomfort you may feel. 

Improve Range of Motion: Inflammation of the wrist joints is common with overuse, injuries, and as a side effect of osteoporosis. With inflammation, you may notice stiffness and pain with movement. Instead of complete rest, it is recommended to do daily gentle stretching to improve your range of motion. When done correctly, consistent stretching can lengthen the tendons of the wrist, which will result in a greater range of motion. 

Reduce Risk of Fractures: Osteoporosis puts people at greater risk of fractures. To help combat this risk, wrist stretching and exercises are highly recommended for those with osteoporosis. Grip strengthening is a good place to start and can help you navigate which exercises and movements you may benefit from the most. 

Improve Bone Health: Increased bone porosity with osteoporosis leads to a greater risk of fracture and injuries. However, exercise and stretching are shown to improve bone health and prevent further bone loss from an osteoporosis diagnosis. Strength training, weight-bearing aerobic exercises, flexibility exercises, and stability and balance exercises are all beneficial for bone health

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