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Top Bone Building Exercises for Osteoporosis

If you’re one of the roughly 54 million Americans living with osteoporosis, you may have questions and concerns about your exercise routine. While it is true that those with osteoporosis should be cautious with some workouts, there are still many exercises that are both safe and beneficial for osteoporosis. Specific movements and routines offer significant health and lifestyle benefits that anyone can try. 

Here are a few of the top bone-strengthening exercises to keep you active and strong:

Strength Training Exercises

Most people think that light exercises such as walking are the only acceptable options for osteoporosis. While walking is an excellent exercise for osteoporosis, increasing research shows that gentle but consistent strength training offers impressive leg and bone strength benefits. Over time, strength training is shown to reduce the risk of fractures, but to safely add the right weight and resistance into your routine, you should seek an individualized routine from a professional that’s tailored for your body.

Weight-Bearing Aerobic Exercises 

Although the name sounds intense, weight-bearing aerobic exercises are those where gravity is the only weight involved. A few examples of weight-bearing aerobic exercises include walking, climbing stairs, dancing, and gardening. There are different aerobic exercise levels depending on strength, bone density, and fitness level, so it is safest to seek professional help to find the right routine for you. 

Flexibility Exercises

Increasing flexibility is a crucial part of improving your osteoporosis. A common symptom of osteoporosis is the bending forward of the spine and shoulders. With gentle stretching and balance exercises, you can improve your posture and decrease your risk of spinal fractures.

Stability and Balance Exercises

The main concern for people with osteoporosis is the risk of falling and breaking bones. To lower your risk of injury from falling, it’s important to work on stability and balance exercises. A few effective balance movements include standing on one leg, leg lifts, and tandem walking. If your balance isn’t as strong as you’d like, make sure to use a countertop or railing for additional support during your movements. 

At OsteoStrong in Mercer Island, we specialize in unique and custom exercise programs to improve bone density and reduce joint and back pain. We work with people of all ages and activity levels to improve flexibility, balance, and strengthen the skeletal system. All it takes is 10 minutes with us per week to improve your symptoms and ease discomfort. However, it is important to note that while the exercises in this article are excellent for maintaining healthy bone, you will need significant resistance to improve bone density, which is where OsteoStrong can help. 

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